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Welcome To Open Share Trading Account

For investors, who want to invest in buying IPOs, securities, currency trading, commodities and even any kind of trading to buy and sell, a valid trading account is the first and basic need. Now, you can open trading account online free and reap maximum benefits along with high security level. It takes hardly a few minutes to complete and get an activated trading account. Your trading account will be the ideal platform to help you make more profits and do trading in seamlessly without worrying about anything.

Open Trading Account Online Free – Know the Difference between Trading and Demat Account

Before you start the process to Open Trading Account Online, it is better to know about the difference between a Demat and a Trading account. As far as Trading Account is concerned, it is used to buy and sell securities in the stock market that you purchase. Demat account is used to hold securities like share certificates and other documents of trading in electronic format. They are different but closely related. All your stock market activities are close interaction between your two account types and of course your bank account. You can also get combination of both accounts – called as 2-in-1 account in stock market.

What Actually Trading Account Does?

Your trading account with your trusted and licensed service provides captures your capital market transactions – over the period of time. On the other side, Demat account maintains the holding of shares and securities, in which you invest. Nature of trading account is flow of the transactions.

  • Trading Account is deliberated over a period of time.
  • You need to pre-fund your trading account immediately to the certain amount to buy shares of a company with the certain cost of per share.
  • These shares are credited to your Demat Account on next day. The process is seamless for online trading.
  • You need to open trading account online free to buy and sell shares or do trading in commodities.
  • Your activated trading account is linked to your Demat account or you can also get the combo of both accounts to make trading seamless and smooth.
  • You can as an investor can have multiple trading accounts through a single PAN.
  • There is no limited on the number of accounts per PAN. You may have to pay the Annual Maintenance Charge.
  • You can check live share price, do share trading (BSE and NSE), futures’ & Options Trading, trade in currencies and Mutual Funds
  • You can trade in IPOs and even in insurance plans through seamless and secure online trading account

Open Share Trading Account – Why Us for Open Trading Account Online?

You may find a number of popular names in this domain providing you with complete assistance in open trading account online – free or get the paid version. Here, you have to make the right decision to find one of your choices that has been offering you a gamut of added benefits and customer support 24×7.

At Open Share Trading Account, you will get something more than open a trading account. It is the beginning of new relation and complete peace of mind with assistance all the time to buy and sell your shares and securities in safe and secure way without worrying about anything like delay in payment transfer, high brokerage charges and various other issues.

We offer you something more than a trading and demat account that is free of charge for opening and with a process that is far simple and easy to complete in a few clicks. Your account is activated instantly after getting the required documents to leave you free to start trading. Entire process is paperless that takes hardly a few minutes to complete.

You can trade in shares and securities without going through the hassles of writing cheque, transfer instructions, tracking settlement cycles and anything else – a completely and absolutely free process.

A Pool of Experts at Open Share Trading Account to Help You 24×7 for All Your Trading Queries

Here, a team of dedicated professional and financial experts has been working to provide you complete details about an array of platforms for trading and low brokerage charges. In addition, we also offer you research-based investment advice and information on the latest trends as well as techniques that are required for successful trading.

No matter, whether you want to invest or start trading in currency, commodities, derivative, equity or IPOs, you are free from worrying about anything or pay higher brokerage charges.

A Trading Account Online with a Number of Benefits

It doesn’t matter, whether you are a beginner or a successful trader, we ensure a simply trading.

For beginners, we offer expert advice, newsletters, regular stock market updates and everything they need for a hassle-free and smooth process of trading in safe and secure way.

  • We provide you with the flexibility of pay only when you trade.
  • You will get full control over your trades and money that you invest.

We have come up with something more – provide you a better opportunity to access online trading platform on your preferred device – be it your laptop, desktop, tab or Smartphone. Give us a call or send us a mail and you will get quick response.

Feel free to contact us or browse our website to open trading account online free in a few steps.