Demat & Trading Account

Open a Free Demat Account for Seamless Transactions

NSDL and CDSL started the Demat account system in India in the year 1996. The system helped people to stay sorted with their investment-related paperwork that demanded a lot of physical documentation, for example, shares and bonds, to name a few. The Demat account opening system gave significant leverage to the brokers and financial institutions such as banks to put forward an organized way of working. At Open Share Trading Account, we offer customers instant and efficient Demat account trading services for hassle-free transactions.

Why do you need a Demat Account?

The foremost reason why one needs to open a Demat account online is to ensure a seamless process of managing your investments. If you haven’t yet opened a Demat account, think of it now. A Demat account operates similar to a savings bank account; the only difference is that it helps manage investments like bonds, shares, mutual funds, insurance policies, etc., quickly and efficiently. The best part of owning a Demat account is that it reduces the burden of the physical documentation and allows faster transactions in no time at all. How to open a free Demat account concerns the most, and therefore following points will throw some light on it:

Step 1 Select the depository participant
The depository participant selection is the mandatory step to follow as it is the foremost step to move further with the Demat account opening process.

Step 2 Fill in the details for the Demat account
Fill in the required and mandatory fields in the form provided to initiate further formalities of the Demat account opening.

Step 3 Thorough study of the rules and regulations is a must
Before getting started, going through the laws and regulations laid before the account holder thoroughly is vital to avoid any breach in the future.

Step 4 Access your Demat Account Online
Access your Demat account instantly in few simple clicks and enjoy managing your investments like shares, mutual funds, bonds seamlessly without the burden of paperwork.

Why are Demat Accounts Preferred over Manual Documentation of the Investment Related Documents like Shares and Bonds?

There are several advantages of using a Demat account. However, there are many financial institutions and banks that provide the facility of opening a free Demat account online to get you started instantly, at open share trading accounts we offer best Demat account opening services. Some of the benefits of owning a Demat account are:

> Transfer of securities without the stamp duty seamlessly while making the transfers fast and instant.

> The risk by loss, theft and mutilation etc. is reduced to a greater extent while improving the ‘Bad Deliveries’ status to Good ones.

> Disbursments of corporate benefits like bonuses and dividends etc. is quick.

> Reduces a problems of mismatch in bank account and Address.

Demat & Trading Account